System for users with voluntary medical insurance

The fastest and the easiest way to get full information about your insurance program.

Objective: Develop a system, that gives ability to insured person to quickly find information about their insurance plan, find out which clinics in Russia are covered by the plan, find all the necessary contacts in case of emergency and manage his relatives insurance plans. Develop user-friendly system for broker internal usage to work with insurance companies and the insured.

All-DMS responsive map preview

Project development was done using SCRUM. First development target was creating MVP version of the site, that allowed brokers and the insured to use the system, despite that a lot more work had to be done.

All-DMS logo

We also developed the logotype for the ALLDMS project. During the logotype development we offered 26 different ideas. There was heavy competition inside the “MALAKUT” insurance brokers, but you can see the winner on the website ;)

Clinics map search

We have developed over 100 website templates, which included mobile, tablet and desktop versions of the website. As a result, we got the same convenient structure of each section for all devices and users do not have a feeling of "insult", when some functionality is missing on his device, be it a smart-phone, tablet or a desktop.

Mobile clinic list and map

The staff of the “MALAKUT” insurance brokers got the ability to work comfortably with the insured and insurance companies, create insurance plans, contracts, add information about the clinics and services on the website.

Icons Clinic page

Project is covered by functional and unit tests. The development still continues, but the first public version is already launched and is used by about 10 000 people already.

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