About us

We are a young and rapidly developing company, which provides services in web-development and design. Our company “Areto” consists of only seven people, but everyone of us is a genuine expert in the area with years of experience.

Our aim is not only to create the product you need but also to make it profitable. We collaborate with our customers even after the project is over and we try to make sure that the project will bring profit to the customer during all that time.

Our company provides a variety of services. We offer not only the usual designing of interfaces and production of websites, but also consulting services on a range of issues, including, for instance, determining the target audience and even assistance in completing the project.

Our aim is sustained collaboration in order to achieve a quality product that would satisfy all your needs!

Our team
  • Vladislav Krupenkin
    Vladislav Krupenkin
    Backend developer
  • Arvid Godjuk
    Arvid Godjuk
    Backend developer
  • Dmitry Kustov
    Dmitry Kustov
  • Andrew Mor-Yaroslavtsev
    Andrew Mor-Yaroslavtsev
    Backend developer
  • Diana Mokricka
    Diana Mokricka
    Frontend Developer
  • Dmitry Malofeev
    Dmitry Malofeev
    Frontend Developer
  • Ivar Dombrovsky
    Ivar Dombrovsky
    QA Engineer
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