The unique business network for insurers and reinsurers

Redesign and development of the social business network.

FindCapacity is the first professional social network for those working in the insurance and reinsurance business all over the world.

Objective: Create a multifunctional business social network where people can: communicate, make deals, set meetings, plan and advertise professional events, exchange documents and so on.

Findcapacity - unique business network for insurers and reinsurers

In the work process the design was completely redone and more than 50 new templates where made.

Website users have a unique opportunity to easily find new business partners and hammer out the deals on the website itself, which is helped by the system of matching potential partners and industry-specific sections of the site with ratings, market positions and more.

Main content blocks

Website offers easy to use even system, where users can watch for new events in the industry parts and regions they are interested in, with ability to register for the event and set meetings during the event.

Motivational blocks

Because the development was carried out via Scrum methodology, client always received exactly what he wanted and was able to adjust or change the functionality on the fly.

User catalogue

Throughout the development all functionality and code were covered by functional and unit testing, that guaranteed a certain level of quality and almost non-existent amounts of errors. Project is still being developed and new functionality added to it.

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